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Very fun game! Loved the art! 

This game is featured in my Top 5 of this week! Take a look!

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Thank you sooo much for featuring our game! Especially thanks for using it as the video thumbnail. Hope you enjoyed the story and gameplay too! Please also feel free to give me any feedback :)


Gave it a Let's Play, a quirky/silly and friendly game compared to what I'm used to playing 

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Hi Neco! Thank you soooo much for giving the game a try! Your let's plays are super funny! Literally made me laughed so hard!

You got it right about many references, including Adventure Time, Undertale, Alice in the Wonderland. Then there are also Night in the Woods, Wizard of Oz, and some more.

The pronounciation of 'Apopia' at 0:05 is correct. Littoo's name is really pronounced as 'little'; and 'Nico' actually sounds like "Nic-co".

Btw, there will even be more bunnies in the full game! Cute but not sexy though. Plus some other cute animals...... and robots. Please look forward to it :)


Everytime i play the demo of something i get so scared and sad for when its gonna end, i get so attached to them because demo are always good lol

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Thank you for playing! We will make the full game even better than the demo :)


This game has been really great so far, loved playing it. Can't wait to see the full version!

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Thanks a lot! We are already working hard on the full game. Could you help us to wishlist it on Steam? (
It would really help us in making the game better and faster :)

The full game will be available on both itch and Steam. But it seems we cannot wishlist upcoming games on itch yet


Played the game , enjoy it.  Hope you like the video dev or you random person who find and read this comment.
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Thanks for your feedback and making the funny video!

I like your idea of putting a 1 minute review before the gameplay! Also thanks for your fanarts at the end lol!

Your suggestions are reasonable too. I am looking forward to put some of them into the full game :)


Thanks dev glad u like it! (especially the fan art XD ). I'll see you and your game in the future when it's 2022 :) { Let's hope jacksepticeye will play this! }. 


You guys have done a great job, it is everything I want in a video game, its cute, funny and has a great story behind it plus the characters are so loveable, cant wait for the full  game to be released

Thank you very much for your support! Also thank you for making the funny gameplay video :D

The full game is already in the making. Could you help us to wishlist it on Steam? (
It would really help the game's future develpment. The full game will also be available on both and Steam, but it seems we cannot wishlist upcoming games on


Already done

Thanks a lot!

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great jobs
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Thank you for making the video!

I saw that the Magnifying Glass icons of some of the interaction spots didn't show up in the playthrough, such as at the rose bush, although you still managed to find it :) I will try to tackle this issue. May I ask if you are playing on Windows or Mac?

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i am working test :P yes play pc steam and playstation :D

Thanks a lot :)


That prologue was quite good, can"t wait to see the finished product :3

Thank you very much :) You may wishlist the finished product on Steam via this link and get the updates first hand:

Because I think doesn't have a wishlist function for upcoming games?


Awesome game

Thank you!